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How Important is Metabolism

How Important is Metabolism

Cell metabolism is the sum of all the chemical reactions occurring in the cell. In this process, enzymes are key, since they are responsible for ensuring the efficiency of cellular metabolism. All functions of cellular metabolism, such as a protein, or copy the DNA-need “ATP” (adenosine triphosphate) which is the main cellular compound energy carrier.

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Metabolism is the set of processes and chemical transformations by which the various substances in the body are renewed. After digestion is activated, and based on the absorption and processing of food substances.

Metabolism has two components:

  1. Anabolism (creation of substances) which is the synthesis process by which substances essential for the functioning of the body are produced and need to be updated continuously;
  2. Calories and catabolism, (destruction of substances) in which energy is produced by the breakage or splitting of other substances.

boost metabolismDuring metabolism, the body follows a variable amount of energy. The minimum amount of energy needed by the body at rest, by the mere fact of being alive is the basal metabolism.

Each person has a different metabolism, and its peculiarities are inscribed in the genes. However, metabolism is not immutable and may change. Exercise, for example, increases metabolism, and everything behaves a release of adrenaline, such as effort, stress, fear or anxiety. The dream, however, decreases metabolism.

Aging effects

Age also influences the metabolism; for example, a newborn has a twice as active as an adult metabolism. Living in cold areas also increases the metabolism while malnutrition or unbalanced or extreme diet, reduce your metabolism by 25%.

Did you know

Metabolism occurs in the cells, however, the key players in this process are two: the thyroid gland and the liver. The thyroid gland in the neck, secretes a hormone that regulates the rate of metabolism. If something goes wrong with the thyroid gland, its repercussions affect the entire body.

In the case of hypothyroidism – thyroid secretes small amounts of hormones – your metabolism slows down, which is particularly serious impact on children during the growing age.

For hyperthyroidism – i.e. when thyroid secretion is excessive – accelerates metabolism, which results in a more intense combustion of food, as well as an acceleration of breathing and heartbeat.

If the thyroid gland is the “director” metabolism, “factory” is the liver. This organ is the most intensely involved in metabolic processes of transformation. Once foods have been digested by the stomach, useful components are absorbed by the blood and carried to the liver.

Thus, in the liver the synthesis of substances is produced from carbohydrates such as glucose or sucrose. The synthesis of glucose is vital, as some organs such as the heart or brain, can only obtain energy from glucose. In the liver, in addition, also very important proteins are synthesized for the organism, such as albumin, fibrinogen and haptoglobin.

The metabolism of an organism determines which substances it will find nutritious and which it will find poisonous. The speed of metabolism and metabolic rate, also influences how much food an organism will require.

To conclude, remember that the rate of metabolism, also influences how much food an organism will require. The metabolic rate varies with the passing of the years, which makes many people weight change abruptly in a few years. Look after your diet and adopt healthy habits.

What is the best way to lose belly fat?

What is the best way to lose belly fat?

belly-fatA bit disappointed in your figure? Been looking for effective methods to lose those belly fat, and you’re starving yourself? Or are you performing those mid crunches without achieving any plausible results? And, are you dead serious in getting rid of that ugly belly fat for good?

Several reason why so many fail, here are the common ones:

  • Just doing nothing – you must initiate something or else the fat just won’t go away. Commit yourself to losing your ugly fat starting now.
  • Doing wrong exercises – you may have read that doing hundreds of sit ups will develop your abdominal muscles. As a matter of fact, that is not enough. Crunches and other abdominal exercises can help you get some muscles, but you must first burn layers upon layers of fat.
  • Crash diet – Many starve themselves so as to get immediate results, but it is only temporary. It is quite hard to remain faithful in those diets for a period of time; at the same time depriving your body from nutrient intake is not advisable.
  • Taking diet pills – This is not a feasible solution; you can’t just take it every day and expect to become a swimsuit model later. Pills commonly combined with exercise and proper diet is usually indicated right on its label for a very good reason.

Some information on how to lose ugly belly fats is shown below. Its primary aim is to show you the healthy way in losing belly fat:

1) Do some exercises especially early in the morning. Do jog or do brisk walking for at least 30 minutes to an hour every day just before taking breakfast. The early morning exercise will keep you active for the whole day.

2) Avoid alcoholic drinks. Did you know that “beer” contains calories high enough to cause belly fats. In actual calculations, there’s around 7 calories per gram of “beer”.

3) Avoid eating junk foods. Eating too much is the primary cause for developing those belly fat. Too much sodium will also cause you to eat more unhealthy and fattening foods thus resulting in developing fat around your abdominal area.

4) Drink lots and lots of water: The more you drink water, the less it is retained inside the body. What’s more it helps in saturating toxins developed inside the body. It will also make you feel “fuller” in your stomach, thus eating additional food will be undesirable for you.

5) Stress reduction. Developing heightened levels of stress will make your body beget a hormone called “CORTISOL”. This has proven to be linked to much weight gain. Start some yoga exercises.

6) Eat a well balanced diet. Prevent yourself from unhealthy food intake because these foods have high contents of sugar or caffeine. Always aim for foods that are high in fiber and rich in nutrients. These are fruits, fresh vegetables, who grains, oatmeal, etc. these kinds of foods will keep your insulin and blood sugar levels controlled; they can also help control your hunger.

7) Get enough sleep. If you are tired, your stomach will tend to feel like craving for a little more. This will lead to overeating. If you get sufficient rest, it will ensure an active day, thus leading to more fat burns.

How to get ripped abs

How to get ripped abs

6pack-absSome people just can’t get enough of just having abs. Having ripped abs are like the most glorious possession a man can ever have. This type of abs is acquired mostly by body builders. If you want to get ripped abs, too, you must follow what these body builders are doing.

It may sound common, but the maintaining a balanced diet is important if you want to attain that six, or even eight pack abs you want. Getting rid of fat should be your primary task. Getting rid of your fats doesn’t mean going on a crash diet. This has always been a wrong notion among many with the word “diet”. Going on a diet does not mean not eating anything. It only means eating the right food at the right amount and at the right time. Gaining ripped abs shouldn’t only be your concern. If you want to have those, always remember to still take your breakfast and the rest of your meals for the day. Keep watch of your food intake during dinner as well. Even if you gain those ripped abs, nobody would be impressed if you have a weak body.

What foods should be eaten? First, stay away from junk foods. Stick to fruits and vegetables. Whole and refined grains are also essential in your diet. Also, these grains help in losing your tummy.

Next to losing fats and maintaining a balanced diet is exercising. Ripped abs requires work out. Aerobics is a good form of exercising if you want to attain your desired ripped abs. Aerobics includes running, walking, bicycling, swimming, and weight lifting. Doing crunches, stretching, sit ups, leg lifts, and static holds should also be executed.

Aside from engaging into crash diet, there are also other things to avoid when working for ripped abs. skipping meals will weaken your body system and you’ll have to face the consequences of it sooner or later. Don’t just do any exercise without prescription from a health adviser, particularly a doctor. You might have a serious health problem that may put you at risk once you execute a certain exercise. Another reminder is about the weight lifting activity. If you’re aware that you have lower back problems, don’t push yourself with this. Most of all, always remember to do warm ups before going with the actual exercise. Also, drink more water if you’re consuming more fiber. Moreover, don’t overwork your body. Some may get frustrated because their abs is not as big as the others. Keep in mind that each individual has different body structures. Straining your body is very dangerous.

You might be tempted with the abs machines shown on television, but the natural (but hard) way of attaining your desired ripped abs is still the best way. With this, you’ll learn to be disciplined and be more conscious of your health also. You can take supplements body but this does not mean that you’ll replace your actual food with these pills. Supplements only act as an assistant.

How To Burn Stomach Fat

How To Burn Stomach Fat

Summer is fast approaching and people are now looking for ways to burn off the fats that has been accumulating all winter. Stomach fat is one of the foremost physical concern men and women of all ages are currently facing. So the question would always be: How do I burn stomach fat?

As a rule, losing fat requires us to burn more calories than what we consume. So say good-bye to all those fast food, ice cream tubs and cookies. Prepare a meal where half of it are vegetables, a quarter of it is meat (low saturated fat) and another quarter for whole grains. If you need to eat in between, then take in fruits, nuts or yogurt. Also, eat foods that would help burn those fats away such as wine, eggs, beans, oatmeal, olive oil, lean meats, grapefruit, yogurt, melon and walnuts. These meals either lower your stress hormones or cause mild thermogenesis. The fruits stimulate the carnitine that accelerates the fat-burning ability of the body and dilutes fat, reducing its effectiveness.

burn stomach fatDon’t forget to drink lots and lots of water. Studies have proven that you need to drink at least eight glasses of water each day, on top of the other liquids you take in. Keep in minds that coffee, tea, milk and soda can cause dehydration so they don’t count as liquid intake. If your weight is more than a hundred and fifty pounds, you need more than the required eight glasses. Make sure to drink plenty of water two hours before you start your exercises.

Exercise, now this is something most people hate to hear. However, if you want to loose those belly fat then you need to burn those excess calories and nothing can do that better than exercising –NOW. You don’t really need to go to the gym and do extreme work outs. Walking around your neighborhood, mowing your lawn, swimming, playing badminton with your kids or anything that would make you sweat is good. Do it now for at least for 30 minutes each day and gradually increase it to an hour.

Cardiovascular exercises, specifically interval trainings, are better with burning calories. Why? Because burning stomach fat does not concern distance and time but more on intensity and alternating between high and low intensities. When you work-out at high intensity, you burn off the calories you have consumed for that day plus some of those reserves in your stomach. Additionally, high-intensity work-outs will stimulate the release of growth hormones that would help burn fat faster and build muscles to boot!

Losing fat is the proper marriage of healthy diet and exercise. And like all marriages, you need to be loyal and motivated. So remind yourself of your goals. If you feel depressed, go buy a nice exercise outfit rather than pigging it out. Fill your refrigerator with healthy foods that are easy to eat. Controlling the type and amount of food you consume plus doing interval cardiovascular exercises will eventually give you the body you crave for.